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PADL Creator JavaFile (Eclipse)

Two third-party projects provide means to create a PADL model from Java source code (instead of Java class files). Fetch the projects PADL Creator JavaFile (JavaC) or PADL Creator JavaFile (Eclipse) from the SVN and use the usual idiom:

final ICodeLevelModel padlModelFromJavaFiles =
	Factory.getInstance().createCodeLevelModel("My name");
try {
	padlModelFromJavaFiles.create(new CompleteJavaFileCreator(
catch (final CreationException e) {

:!: The project PADL Creator JavaFile (Eclipse) is preferred over PADL Creator JavaFile (JavaC), which is no longer maintained.

:!: The padl.generator.helper.ModelGenerator interface in project PADL Generator hides the implementation details of creating a PADL model and should be used in most of the cases.

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