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PADL model can be modified or abstracted (see PADL) by applying analyses on the different abstract-level models. All analyses implement the IAnalysis interface. Among the most popular analyses are:

  • AACRelationshipsAnalysis that takes an ICodeLevelModel as input an returns an IIdiomLevelModel as output. This model is similar to the input model (a clone really) but it includes binary class relationships that can be inferred statically: creation, use, association, and aggregation. The inference of the binary class relationships is explained in a paper. The basic idea is to identify certain fields and methods and method invocations and associate these with the appropriate binary class relationship.
  • ModelAnnotatorInstructions that add extra data about the original Java program representation, for example the length of the methods. This particular analysis will prompt the users for the root path of the class files. Another Ptidej UI Analyses provide the same service without user guidance, using the paths stored by the UI.
  • ModelAnnotatorInstructions that add new constituent and convert other constituents to convert a PADL model into a full-fledge UML model, including data class, types, powertypes, and so on.
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