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Let a constituent of a program by any of class, interface, method, field…

First step:

 1. Define a program p, composed of a set of constituent C.
 2. Define a set of refactorings R applying on any constituent.
 3. Define a set of metrics M to compute on constituents.
 4. Choose a subset of C, <c1,...,cn>.
 5. Choose a subset of R, <r1,...,rm>.
 6. Apply <r1,...,rm> on <c1,...,cn> to obtain <c'1,...,c'n>
 7. Compute the metrics in M on both the ci and the c'j.
 8. Apply the similarity measure and assess precision and recall.

Second step:

 1. Choose a set of programs P (either different version of a same program and different similar programs).
 2. Apply the similarity measure defined above.
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