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-The detection of design smells (i.e., occurrences of anti-patterns and of their code smells) can be simply done in batch, programmatically. There are two possible ways. 
-====== Standalone SmellDetectionCaller ​ ====== 
-The standalone ''​SmellDetectionCaller''​ can be found on [[https://​​ptidejteam/​SmellDetectionCaller|GitHub]] or BitBucket. 
-The Eclipse Java project ''​0 - SmellDetectionCaller''​ contains the Java, class, and JAR files needed to identify occurrences of code and design smells in Java source code, Java binary class-files,​ or C++ source code.  
-The class ''​ptidej.sad.smelldetectioncaller.SmellDetectionCaller''​ must be modified to change the path to a folder or a JAR file in which is located the code of the program to be analysed. 
-The remaining Eclipse Java projects are only used to regenerate the JAR files necessary to run the class ''​ptidej.sad.smelldetectioncaller.SmellDetectionCaller''​. These JAR files are in the ''​Ptidej.jar'',​ which contains the bare minimum code from Ptidej, and the JAR files in ''​Ptidej_lib'',​ which contains all the JAR supporting Ptidej. 
-===== How to Build JAR Version ===== 
-  - Execute once ''/​SmellDetectionCaller/​src/​ptidej/​sad/​smelldetectioncaller/​''​ as launch configuration ''​SmellDetectionCaller''​. 
-  - Select ''/​SmellDetectionCaller/​src/​ptidej/​sad/​smelldetectioncaller/​''​. 
-  - Export as "​Java/​Runnable JAR file" 
-      - Select as launch configuration ''​SmellDetectionCaller''​. 
-      - Select as export destination ''​0 - SmellDetectionCaller\Ptidej.jar''​. 
-      - Select ''​Copy required libraries into a sub-folder next to the generated JAR''​. 
-      - Check ''​Save as ANT script''​. 
-      - Select as ANT script location ''​\0 - SmellDetectionCaller\Generate JARs.xml''​. 
-====== Full Ptidej SmellDetectionCaller ====== 
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