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Ptidej UI Viewer Standalone Swing

The Ptidej UI Viewer Standalone Swing project provides the class ptidej.viewer.ProjectViewer, which is currently the most usable graphical interface to the Ptidej Tool Suite. Here are some steps to use it:

Starting-up the project viewer
Using the File menu to create a new model from some C++ source files
Giving a name to the model
Selecting a directory containing C++ source files
After reverse-engineering the C++ source code files, displaying the model
and showing the list of micro-architectures similar to some motifs (either from design patterns, design anti-patterns, code smells, or micro-patterns) Selecting the Tools tab
At first, the list is empty
But selecting the Code Smells tab and the AbstractClass code smell reveals some potential problems

| These problem can be investigated by selecting the displayed occurrence in the list |

or in the model view
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