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The Ptidej Tool Suite includes a graphic framework to build different types of viewers. The viewers are quite independent of the underlying graphic frameworks, be there AWT or SWT. In the Ptidej UI project sit all the interfaces and classes allowing the viewers to be independent of the graphic framework and to put in one place most of the common code. (There is still duplications here and there, they should disappear as time goes by…)

In the Ptidej UI project are :

  • The interface IDrawable that any graphical objects must implement.
  • The interface IAnalysis that must be implemented by any analysis that modify the graphic model of a PADL model. This interface requires that any analysis provides three methods, including createBuilder(final IPrimitiveFactory) that returns a new builder to create the graphic model.
  • The class Canvas that implements a graphic framework-independent canvas.
  • The package ptidej.ui.kernel that provides a set of graphic objects that matches the constituents of any PADL models.
  • The class Builder that provides a default implementation of the builder to create a graphic model from a PADL model. This class can be subclassed by your own implementation of a builder to fine-tune the graphic model to handle new constituents. A typical example is the builder defined in the Ptidej UI Analyses to color constituents that have been removed between two models.
  • The package ptidej.ui.occurrence that provides a default implementation of the graphic object to display occurrences of motifs (any motifs!).
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