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 +====== PADL Creator C++ (Eclipse) ======
 +Using the CDT provided on top of Eclipse, this project provides a means to create a PADL model from C/C++ source code. Fetch the project ''​PADL Creator C++ (Eclipse)''​ from the SVN and use the usual idiom:
 +try {
 + final ICodeLevelModelCreator creator =
 + new padl.creator.cppfile.eclipse.CPPCreator(aSourceDirectory);​
 + codeLevelModel =
 + CPPFactoryEclipse.getInstance().createCodeLevelModel(aName);​
 + codeLevelModel.create(creator);​
 +catch (final CreationException e) {
 + e.printStackTrace(ProxyConsole.getInstance().errorOutput());​
 +:!: The ''​padl.generator.helper.ModelGenerator''​ interface in project ''​[[PADL Generator]]''​ hides the implementation details of creating a PADL model and should be used in most of the cases.
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