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PADL Creator AOL

The AOL format was created by Giuliano Antoniol and is used by several researchers to describe object-oriented programs. A typical sample of code to create PADL models from AOL files is as follows:

ICodeLevelModel codeLevelModel =
codeLevelModel.create(new AOLCreator(
	new String[] { fileName }));

IIdiomLevelModel idiomLevelModel = null;
try {
	final MethodInvocationAnalyser methodInvocationAdder =
		new MethodInvocationAnalyser();
	codeLevelModel =
		(ICodeLevelModel) methodInvocationAdder

	idiomLevelModel =
		(IIdiomLevelModel) new AACRelationshipsAnalysis(
catch (final UnsupportedSourceModelException e) {

:!: The padl.generator.helper.ModelGenerator interface in project PADL Generator hides the implementation details of creating a PADL model and should be used in most of the cases.

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